Let’s face it, as time goes by, we’re not getting younger, and the things we once took for granted start to betray our expectations. Remember the time when you got rock hard by simply looking at a girl in a skimpy dress? Yeah, those were the days! Unfortunately, this couldn’t last forever, and now it takes a lot more effort to get things going.

Most men have the idea that they should be able to perform just as well as in their youth, and when one day they simply can’t get an erection going they panic, think that it’s all over, and start searching for Viagra online. What they don’t realize is that they are only making their condition worse by worrying about it, and ordering synthetic drugs, such as Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis, will only provide them with a crutch to rely on for the rest of their lives.

Herbal Viagra on the other hand is the true solution to this problem. It doesn’t act like an ON/OFF switch. Rather it heals your body, increases your sensitivity, and allows you to regain your ability to get an erection naturally. Thus, if you want to feel young again, your best bet is to look for a natural Viagra alternative, such as Excel or other herbal blends like it.

However, the greatest advantage of an herbal Viagra is not what it does, but what it doesn’t do. Every time you hear about drugs, you hear about side effects. The common ones are mild, but some of them might be very severe and synthetic Viagra is no exception. On the other hand, natural Viagra doesn’t have any side effects, which allows you to put your mind at ease.

What are the advantages of herbal Viagra?

You might have noticed that the overall health of the population is slowly fading. People get sick with diseases that were unheard of 50 years ago. Doctors will say that it is the result of better diagnostic procedures and longer lifespan. Yet no one ever talks about all the chemicals that we’re ingesting on a daily basis. Preservatives, stabilizers, artificial flavoring, all those things were tested by the very same companies that manufacture them. Don’t you think they would be a bit biased when evaluating their own products?

The same can be said about the medicines that we use nowadays. In the past people used medicines that were mainly herbal. Now, however, everything is artificially synthesized. It not hard to guess what is better for the body: a natural substance or the one that was made in a lab.

Let’s take Viagra for example. It was first synthesized as a drug that would reduce blood pressure; however, during clinical trials scientists have noticed a “side effect” that would soon allow them to earn billions of dollars. Keep in mind, however, that after Viagra was marketed as a “cure for erectile dysfunction”, it didn’t stop being a drug that lowers blood pressure. What is more, if Viagra is ever combined with drugs that contain nitrates (drugs that are used to treat Angina), the person may experience a very severe and potentially fatal drop in blood pressure.

A natural Viagra, on the other hand, was never meant to be a medicine to lower blood pressure. Its sole purpose is to help men regain their ability to have an erection, and this is exactly what it does. Free of any side effects it slowly but surely allows men to feel young again, to be able to express their love, and it be loved in return.

Doctor endorced formula
Concern Excel Viagra Cialis
Duration of Erection As usual, if taken on regular basis 1-4 hours (may be painful) Effect duration is up to 36 hours
Cost $0.70-$0.95 per capsule $10-$12 per tablet $15-$18 per tablet
Dosage 500 mg 50mg / 100mg 10mg / 20mg
Drug Name Various (Herbs) Sildenafil Tadalafil
Orgasm Improvement Yes No No
Firmer Erection Yes Yes Yes
Increased Semen Volume Yes No No
Side Effects None Headaches, blurred vision, priapism (prolonged painful erection), indigestion, nasal drip, diarrhea, constipation, flushing of face Headache, lightheadedness, muscle pain, upset stomach, bloating, heartburn, upper abdominal pain, vomiting, constipation, facial flushing
Food and disease interactions None Alcohol, fat foods, heart disease, liver disease, renal dysfunction Alcohol, heart disease, respiratory disease, kidney or liver disease
Interactions with other medicines None A total of 263 drugs (1406 brand and generic names) are known to interact with. A total of 260 drugs (883 brand and generic names) are known to interact with.
Prescription needed None Yes Yes
Customs issues None Yes Yes
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A total of 34 plant species belonging to 18 different families, selected on the basis of folklore medicinal reports practised by the tribal people of Western Ghats, India, were assayed for antibacterial activity [...] Vitex negundo showed significant antibacterial activity against the tested bacteria. Our findings confirm the traditional therapeutic claims for these herbs.